We have combined our knowledge, passion and experience with the modern machine park and created unique products, which are able to meet even the highest expectations of our users.
Because our purpose is creating products of high quality, all phases of production are under strict control and verification. Modern technologies developed and implemented by us will help in the creation of these products.

MMT – Multi Modulus Technology

Used for building blanks, a few kinds of carbon mats containing different epoxy resins and carbon fibers to optimize its performance in various burden conditions, raising power or decreasing the mass.

SCT – Scroll Carbon Technology

A special technology of winding the inner carbon mat, enabling to achieve a bigger strength and stability and correcting the use features of the blanks.

PAFB – Perfectly Alignment Fiber Blank

A technology allowing the maintain an almost perfect linear arrangement of the fibers of a carbon mat along the blank. This layout has big meaning for achieving a progressive deflection of the blank and its resistance to mechanic defects.

BLRC – Boron Low Resin Carbon

This technology is used in constructions with the use of boron. It allows achieving a compact and homogeneous structure between the carbon mat and boron. Thanks to this the construction has a relatively low mass and big resistance to mechanic flaws.