All fishing blanks built in our company are covered by a lifetime warranty to material defects. The guarantee refers to the first owner.

Detail conditions of the warranty:

  1. The FishingArt company gives a lifetime warranty on its products, containing material defects and flaws that are an effect of the production process.
  2. The warranty is extended to the first owner, starting from the purchase date.
  3. The necessary condition for receiving a warranty is registration of the purchased product on our website through an on-line registry form. This form is available here. The registration must be done within 60 days of the purchase.
  4. Unregistered products or products, which have been sold by the first owner will not be taken under warranty. The removal of a flaw or an exchange of an element will be carried under payment. In these situations please contact us at our e-mail address:
  5. The company guarantees the buyers a free removal of flaws resulting from material or construction flaws within 30 days from the date of supplying the defective product. In the case of not being able to remove these defects, the element will be replaced with a new one.
  6. In the case of exchanging an element for a new one, which has been damaged by the fault of the owner, the standard fee is 50 EUR ( or the equivalent of the converted exchange from the day of supplying the defected element to the service) for every element.
  7. The warranty doesn't include such events as loss, theft, mechanical flaws done in transport, flaws done on purpose or being a result of negligence or inappropriate use.
  8. Fishing rods made in our workshop are additionally under an one-time unconditional warranty. This means, that in the case of defects done from inappropriate use or any type of mechanic flaws, not resulting from factory flaws, the owner has a right to exchange the broken element for a new one within 30 days from the date of supplying the equipment to the service. The exchange is related to a constant fee of 50 EUR ( or an equivalent of a converted course from the day of supplying the fishing rod to the service) for every broken element (the warranty doesn't include the segment, on which the handle of the rod is built). The repair is based on making the new element with the use of guides from the broken part, unless the guides have also been damaged - then they are exchanged for new ones for free. The warranty is vested to the first owner.