Taper: Moderate
Action: XFast
Material: Nanoflex/Carbon 50 msi
Joint: put over
Series: SX-N

A new blank series of the newest generation fiberglass obtained in nanotechnology processes.
Nanotechnology allows us to modify and improve materials at the level of particular atoms and molecules. The composite obtained in this way has high modulus of elasticity and disproportionately high strength modulus what gives very high resistance to stretching and bending strength.
These blanks are slim, sensitive, durable and well balanced. Allow safe towing. Nanoflex rod throws are accurate recurrend and effortless.
Power Joint creates smooth power transition between tip and butt part. The smooth perfect bending progression allows high-speed competitive towing without fish loosing.

Construction: PAFB, MMT, SCT

Available blanks:

Blank Length Power Overarm weight Top(mm) Bottom(mm)
SX685-2N 6'8” 1-5lb 1-5g 1,1 7,8
SX697-2N 6'9” 1-7lb 1-7g 1,2 8,8
SX709-2N 7'0” 2-9lb 2-9g 1,35 10,2
SX8214-2N 8'2" 4-14lb 4-24g 1,3 12,1
SX7017-2N 7'0" 7-17lb 7-28g 1,35 12,4
SX8317-2N 8'3" 7-17lb 7-28g 1,35 12,7


Blank Length Power Overarm weight Top(mm) Bottom(mm)
SX7313-3N 7'3" 5-13lb 4-22g 1,35 11,6