Taper: Fast
Action: Fast
Material: LR Carbon 58 msi Blend
Joint: put over
Series: SAT-N

Blanks from this series are distinguished by their speed accompanied with a progressive deflection and a fast convergence. Just a small load makes the soft and delicate tip part work. Then it goes smoothly into the middle part and finally into the relatively strong bottom part. The usage of the most advanced nanomaterials (nanofibers and nanoresin) made it possible to obtain resistance to mechanical damages, maximal sensitiveness, control over the bait's work, safe fish towing and better blank balance. What makes these blanks unique, is the perfect casting parameters, a great stability and a confident behavior during the fight with the fish. The outer layer of woven increases aesthetic values and impact resistance.

Construction: PAFB, MMT, SCT

Available blanks:

Blank Length Power Overarm weight Top(mm) Bottom(mm)
SAT7310-3N 7'3” 3pc 6-10lb 4-16g 1,4 10,6
SAT8010-3N 8'0” 3pc 6-10lb 3-17g 1,4 10,7
SAT8610-3N 8'6” 3pc 6-10lb 3-17g 1,4 11,0
SAT7315-3N 7'3” 3pc 8-15lb 6-25g 1,6 12,0
SAT8015-3N 8'0” 3pc 8-15lb 6-25g 1,7 12,2
SAT8615-3N 8'6” 3pc 8-15lb 7-28g 1,7 12,5
SAT6316-3N 6'3" 3pc 6-16lb 5-25g 1,4 11,8
SAT6916-3N 6'9" 3pc 7-16lb 6-27g 1,5 12,0
SAT7622-3N 7'6” 3pc 10-22lb 10-40g 1,8 12,7
SAT8022-3N 8'0” 3pc 10-22lb 10-40g 1,9 12,9
SAT8622-3N 8'6” 3pc 10-22lb 10-40g 1,9 13,3
SAT8030-3N 8'0” 3pc 15-30lb 17-60g 2,3 13,5
SAT8630-3N 8'6” 3pc 15-30lb 17-60g 2,3 14,2
SAT7335-3N 7'3” 3pc 20-35lb 20-70g 2,3 14,0


Blank Length Power Overarm weight Top(mm) Bottom(mm)
SAT8415-4N 8'4” 4pc 8-15lb 7-28g 1,8 12,7
SAT8420-4N 8'4” 4pc 10-20lb 10-40g 1,9 13,6
SAT8425-4N 8'4” 4pc 12-25lb 12-50g 2,2 14,7