FishingArt Tube Rolling Technologies

Ventus Switch Nano

Taper: Moderate/Fast
Action: XFast
Material: LR Carbon 58 msi Blend
Joint: put over
Series: FSW-N

Sections: 4

Construction advanced blanks created from different graphite fibers. The series of these blanks has a strengthened middle sections and a relatively strong butt cap. It corrects the loading of a blank during casting, raises the speed and gives a typically peak deflection. These are fast, stable but also progressive blanks, which have been created to gain maximal casting possibilities.

Construction: PAFB, MMT, SCT

4pc blanks:

Length Class Top(mm) Bottom(mm)
FSW1167-4N 4pc 11'6” #7 1,7 11,5
FSW1207-4N 4pc 12'0” #7 1,7 11,8
CmsNET ver: 2.2.4897.25467, G: S
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